You Can Use Your Sun Room As A Greenhouse

Sun rooms are a great way to get more light into a house. They can also give you a great way to bring the outside inside, without the risk of adverse weather. For example, if you live in a cold climate, a sun room will give you the chance to sit and enjoy what sun you can get without freezing. Another benefit of having a sun room is that you can use it as a personal greenhouse. 

Benefits to Using a Sun Room as a Greenhouse

One of the biggest benefits to using your sun room for a greenhouse is that you will be able to grow things like herbs all year round. Even if your sun room isn't very big, you can still grow herbs and other small things for your kitchen. You can also use the space to start plants for the spring.

How to Use Your Sun Room as a Greenhouse

The first thing you are going to need to do is to come up with a way to hold whatever plants you want to grow. You can just leave them on the floor; however, that will limit how much you can actually grow. Plus, it will end up taking up much more room for a smaller return. 

The better choice is to go with shelves. You can either place small pots on your shelves, or you can even go with potting flats. Potting flats, trays that hold small plants or seedlings, are a good thing to use if you just want to use your sun room/greenhouse to start sprouting plants. 

Your primary use is going to define what kind of shelving you want to use. You really don't need to get anything fancy. A set of shelves from a local home store will work well. The one thing you need to have, no matter what you are planning on growing, is a set of shelves that are open on both sides. That way the plants can get the light they need, and you can water them easily. What you want to keep in mind is how tall the plants you are going to grow are. For example, if you are just starting seeds, then shelving units that give you a lot of shelves with a narrow space in between the shelves will give you the maximum return on your space. But, if you want to have things that you are going to grow year round, then you need to give them plenty of space to grow. Plants like rosemary and basil tend to grow tall. They need to have the space to do that. 

Sun rooms are more than just a place where you can sit and enjoy the sun. You can also use them to grow your plants year round, or just get a head start on your spring planting. Contact a company like Dura-Kool Aluminum Products for more information about installing a sun room in your home.