Decorate Your Living Room Around A Focal Point

You might have a soaring ceiling or a statement fireplace that you want to make the focal point of your living room. Or, perhaps, you want to draw attention to your artwork. Either way, plan your living room décor around your focal point for a cohesive design. This article will talk about three common focal points and how to decorate around them.

General Tips

When designing your décor around a focal point, Better Homes and Gardens suggests painting walls a neutral color to draw attention to the centerpiece. White is especially effective in this case, though eggshell or warm beige suffices as well.

Vaulted Ceilings

A vaulted ceiling gives the illusion of space to even the most modest of living room spaces. In this case, décor should draw the eye up. For lighting, plan on a chandelier-style fixture that matches your overall scheme. So, for a cottage style, rustic is appropriate, but a more classic scheme begs a formal chandelier.

Walls should still be neutral-colored, but give the eye some continuity by adding color in furnishing and frames. Select furniture with the neutral base but with strong color added. For example, place bold-patterned pillows on top of a camel-colored sofa. Add a wrought-iron coffee table with a hardwood top in front. Continue this bold coloration in the lamps, accent tables and even rugs.


If you have a big, beautiful fireplace with a bold molding or intricate tile work, then draw the focus there. Walls should still be painted a neutral color, but echo the hue of the molding or tile by painting frames to match.

Additionally, select comfortable furniture arranged around the fireplace. The furniture should also echo the color scheme represented by the focal fireplace. For instance, if selecting a pattern to match tile work, opt for a larger pattern that nonetheless features the colors in the tiles. Keep accent pillows within just one of the colors or even the neutral base.

The mantle is another way to draw attention to your statement fireplace. Select one piece of artwork such as a framed picture or decorative mirror, and center it above the fireplace. Otherwise, keep additional décor small and neutral-colored. The decorations should not outshine the fireplace itself.

Art Grouping

If your living room doesn't have vaulted ceilings or a fireplace, create your own focal point. One attractive way to do this is with artwork.

For an art grouping, select a theme, and expand from there. For example, if you have a favorite painting, but it's not very large, start by matting and framing it in complementary tones. Next, find other small paintings that echo its colors or theme. Have them matted and framed similarly, but let the original shine. Add other pieces in the target color scheme, including decorative plates, baskets or even antique trays.

For the focal point, group your art pieces on one wall, and place a neutral sofa directly underneath. Accent tables should echo the color of the frames. Place other objets d'art that match the color scheme on top of the tables, and include throw pillows in that scheme as well.

When selecting living room furniture for a focal point, remember to stay within the color scheme. Neutral-colored pieces topped with colorful cushions are often safe bets. Select a set that feels right in your space, and add decorations that draw the eye to the other focal points in the room. If you're looking for furniture to complement your focal point, you'll need to visit a company like Annabelle's Fine Home Furnishings.