Answers To Common Questions About Patio Louvers

Your home's patio can be the perfect spot to spend beautiful sunny days. However, a common problem for homeowners is a lack of shade on the patio during the hottest parts of the year. In addition to making it uncomfortable to be on the patio during these times, a lack of shade can also make you more likely to suffer sunburn. Luckily, a patio louver is the perfect solution for providing your patio with shade without compromising its look or functionality. 

What Are The Benefits Of Patio Louvers?

One of the most important benefits offered by patio louvers is the ability to shade your patio on scorching hot days. However, unlike traditional awnings, it is possible to adjust a louver to allow sunlight to reach the patio. These devices are composed of a series of wood or vinyl planks that can be opened or closed. As a result, you can adjust them to ensure you are receiving exactly the amount of sunlight you want. 

In addition to the shade, these devices can also shield your family from water when it is raining. When the planks are moved into the closed position, they have a waterproof seal that will prevent moisture from dripping on people under the louver. 

What Type Of Maintenance Does A Patio Louver Require?

You may assume that these devices are extremely maintenance intensive, but this is not the case. The amount of maintenance that your louver needs will largely depend on what it is made from. For example, a wood louver will need to be sealed on a regular basis to prevent moisture from causing it to rot. Also, you may need to paint these on a regular basis if you do not like the look of plain wood. 

However, if you wanting a louver that is almost maintenance free, you can opt for one made from vinyl. Vinyl is an extremely durable and weather resistant material. As a result, you will not need to perform any sealing or painting. While it is likely that the vinyl will eventually become dirty, you can clean it using a garden hose or pressure washer. 

Ensuring your family has a comfortable place to spend beautiful summer days does not have to mean installing an unsightly awning on your home. By opting for a louver, you can enjoy adjustable shade without compromising the appearance of your home. After carefully considering the answers to these two common questions, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision about your home. 

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