How To Care For Your Curtains And Drapery

Window coverings can cost a lot of money. They should be well taken care of to help maintain their quality and keep them looking great. Proper care will also help preserve your privacy and comfort, as well as help protect your home furnishings. Every window covering is different depending on the fabric and construction, so care is also going to be different. See below for care tips for your window coverings.

Use Lined Treatments

The sun can be very destructive to your window coverings by causing them to fade. Using lined treatments, blinds, or sunshades will help keep the sun off of your curtains and off of your home furnishings.

Shake And Vacuum

When closing or opening your curtains, be sure to shake them gently to remove any dirt or dust that can get lodged in the fibers of the fabric. Use your vacuum's soft brush every month or so to vacuum the dust off of them. If your curtains have any embellishments, be sure they are secure prior to vacuuming them.

Wash Your Drapery

If your curtains are simple panels, check the tag to see if they are machine washable. Use your machine's gentle cycle and wash with mild detergent. Be sure not to overload the washer so they do not get damaged in your machine. If the tag says they should be hand washed, hand wash them with a mild detergent and rinse them thoroughly. Line dry your curtains or use your dryer on low heat. Then iron out the wrinkles on the reverse side of your drapes.

Drapes should not be washed if they do not fit in your washer, have embellishments or trims that are not washable, and have liners made from a different material. You can cause damage to your drapes or to the liner. Be sure to always check the tags prior to washing your drapes.

Care For Lace

If you have lace curtains, you can place them in the dryer on a low heat setting to get the dust off of them. Some newer lace fabrics can be washed by hand or in the washer, but be sure to check the tag first.

Caring for your curtains or drapery is important to help keep them looking their best, to keep them free of dust, dirt, and grime, and to keep them from fading. Your drapery will be around for a longer time if you care for it properly. Contact a group like House Of Drapery for more information on curtain and drapery care.