Thoroughly Ridding Your Home Of Odors After Rodent Elimination

If there has been a problem with rats, mice, or other rodents in the home, these little critters can leave behind a major mess. In order to restore the home to a completely safe state, it is important to make sure all evidence of the problem has been eliminated completely. One of the hardest things to get rid of after the fact is the horrible smell that can be left behind. The odor associated with rodents is often due to urine, excrement, and trash that has been carried throughout the home. There are two simple ways to help eliminate your home of these horrible smells that most homeowners do not realize.

Clean Bedding Areas

Mice and rats are creative creatures that enjoy making a home for themselves and their families in some of the most unusual places out of shredded paper, insulation, and other soft materials. They will make nests in walls, cabinets, and any out of the way corner of the house. Once pest control has taken care of the rodents, you will be left with nesting and bedding materials in various places in the home that contain tons of waste, trash, and excrement. This is not just disgusting, but unhealthy for your home. If this is not removed, you may still have issues with lingering odors in the home. It is imperative that you take the time to rid your home of all nesting materials. Take a look in places where rodents where commonly present, such as in the walls, cabinets, or attic, and look for any evidence of bedding. This is vital if you want the home to smell rodent free.

Clean or Even Replace Duct Work and Filters

If rodents have been an issue in the home for quite some time, the entire area can become permeated with a unique odor. The air within the home is consistently cycled through the HVAC system and some elements can contain the odors you are trying to eliminate. Duct work and air filters are two of the system elements that can be affected. When you have cleansed the home of the pests, it is a good idea to replace insulation-lined ducts and air filters of the HVAC system. The soft materials can absorb the bad odors and continue to recycle the contaminated air throughout the home.

Rodents can cause a lot of damage in the home, but often the hardest thing to eliminate is the odors that they leave behind. With a little hard work and dedication, you can completely rid the home of these odors after rodent control professionals, such as Eagle Pest Eliminators, have cleared the property of critters.