3 Amazing Futuristic Kitchen Innovations

If you think about 3D printers, touch screens and the internet, your kitchen probably isn't the first thing that comes to your mind. Surprisingly, these three things will be part of the kitchens of the future. Here's a peek at three amazing technological kitchen innovations.

The Internet On Your Stovetop

Imagine a giant tablet on top of your oven and you will visualize the basic idea behind the touch-screen stove. This stove is designed so that you can browse the internet, view recipes, how-to cooking video guides and stay entertained while you cook a meal. Instead of juggling a phone, tablet or computer to check your recipes, you can drag the recipe right onto an unoccupied portion of your touch-screen stovetop.

An App For Your Oven

One new kitchen innovation is the remote-controlled oven. Remote-controlled ovens communicate with apps installed on your phone or other mobile device, allowing you to start pre-heating the oven from any place that your phone has data connectivity, whether you're across town or in your living room. You can also monitor the temperature of the oven and check how long it's been cooking. If you tend to get worried that you left the oven on, you can use the app to check that, too.

Slow cookers have been taken to the next level with app connectivity, too. You can send a signal to the slow cooker to start cooking, check the temperature or turn it off completely. You can also cook recipes with a shorter duration: set the app to shut off the slow-cooker after a certain number of hours, and then turn back on just before you arrive home to make sure your food is piping hot when you arrive.

Cooking Food With A 3D Printer

You've probably heard that 3D printers can create amazing replicas of computer models in plastic and metal, but did you know some special 3D printers can make food?

NASA awarded a $125,000 grant to an inventor to create a 3D printer capable of printing food that astronauts could use on long missions in space. The inventor created a 3D printer that prints edible pizza that takes only 70 seconds to cook. Different cartridges hold the ingredients to create the crust, tomato and protein elements of the pizza.

Another innovative 3D printer designed for consumers can create candy in varying flavors, colors and designs. They use a combination of sugar and water to create frosting which is printed out in different shapes and with flavor additives to create familiar candy flavors.

These kitchen innovations will make your cooking experience easier, quicker and more exciting. For more information about kitchen appliances, contact Arnold's Appliance or a similar company.