4 Common Causes Of Water Pressure Problems

Good water pressure is something that many homeowners take for granted. It's essential for showering, washing your dishes, or filling up your bathtub in a timely manner. Having issues with your home's water pressure can make all of those things more difficult than they need to be. Thankfully, poor water pressure is not something you need to live with forever. Diagnose the problem to figure out what could be causing your water pressure problem, and then hire a plumber to repair it for you.

Debris And Obstructions

Your water pressure could be diminished by something causing an obstruction inside the pipe. This can happen if you have galvanized plumbing, which will rust from the inside. The inside of the pipe will gradually get narrow over time, causing the decrease in water pressure. When this happens, it may be time to upgrade to copper plumbing that won't rust. 

Obstructions can also be caused by sediment in the water. You may have noticed that sediment collects at the bottom of your hot water tank, and needs to be removed from time to time. The same thing may be happening to the pipes in your home, making it difficult for water to pass through.

Water Leaks

A leaking pipe may be the cause of decreased water pressure. If you have water pipes that run through a crawl space, you will want to periodically check it to make sure there are not any problems going unnoticed. For example, you may have experienced a partial pipe burst during the winter. The burst will not cause a flood, but it will be enough to make a mess and diminish the water pressure if it's not fixed.

Low Pressure From The Municipal Source

If you cannot find the cause of poor water pressure, ask your neighbors if they are experiencing the same thing. There may be an issue with the main water source from your city that is affecting everyone in the area. These types of problems are typically corrected by the city, but if they can't fix it, you do have options. A plumber can install a water pressure regulation system on your main water line, which will help increase the water pressure throughout your entire home.

A Faulty Pressure Regulator

On the flip side, your water pressure regulator may be broken. Regulators are not always used to increase water pressure, but also to decrease water pressure when it's coming into your home too strongly. It's a precaution used to protect faucets and pipe connections inside your home.

If your home's water pressure is low due to any of these reasons, call a plumber like Rakeman Plumbing to resolve the issue for you.