5 Fabulously Functional Kitchen Supplies For Your First Bachelor Pad

Getting the kitchen set up in your first home can seem daunting at first. But you don't need to spend a lot of money on kitchen supplies. Instead, invest in a few simple things that can be used for multiple purposes. With these five functional items, you'll soon be enjoying delicious, nutritious homemade meals in your new bachelor pad.

  • Large Nonstick Frying Pan with a see-through glass lid.

You can scramble eggs, make a big batch of stir-fry vegetables, simmer soup, cook rice, pan-grill a steak and make dozens of straightforward recipes in a big frying pan with nonstick finish. The glass lid lets you keep on eye on food that needs moist heat and steam to cook properly. And the nonstick surface makes the pan easy to clean.

  • Cooking Tongs with silicone tips and grips.

This utensil lets you turn meat without piercing the surface and letting the precious juices escape. Use the tongs to stir, mix and toss food as it cooks, then wash thoroughly and use the utensil to dish up and serve the meal. Silicone tips keep the metal from scratching your cooking pan and the grips keep it cool to protect your hands.

  • Chef's Knife with steel blade.

Buy the best quality chef's knife you can afford. It will be a tool you use constantly for tasks ranging from mincing onions and chopping vegetables to slicing cheese and carving poultry. Have the knife professionally sharpened once or twice a year for continued tip-top performance.

  • Glass Deep-Dish Pie Plate.

It's just the right size for roasting a small chicken, baking brownies and grilling fish. The pie plate also makes an attractive serving dish if you have company over. And when you want a quick meal, it's the perfect size to hold a big salad with yummy toppings. Consider getting two or more pie plates so you have extras on hand when you're entertaining guests.

  • Cutting Board with handles.

You'll need a cutting board to protect the counter when you're cutting, chopping and slicing food. If you get one with a handle, or handles on two sides, you can use it for a party platter to serve fruit and cheese or an array of tasty appetizers. Cover the board with foil and lay lettuce or kale leaves on it to make an attractive display for veggies and dip.

With these carefully selected kitchen supplies, you're ready to prepare wholesome meals and treats to make your new bachelor pad lifestyle healthy and inviting.

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