How To Make Your Kitchen Cabinets More Contemporary

Some families spend more time in their kitchen than any other room. As a result, the kitchen endures the most wear and tear. Kitchen cabinets can look older than they actually are as styles change and normal aging takes place. The doors are usually the first things to show the signs of their age (if only because of the constant slamming). Luckily, changing or refinishing cabinet doors is not that difficult. This article explains how to make your kitchen cabinet more contemporary by removing, refinishing and painting the doors.

Removing the Doors and Hardware

When removing the doors, mark them so you can keep track of where to rehang them. Hinges are usually attach with 2 small screws. However, you might want to remove the entire hinge for the door as well so you can replace it. You may as well upgrade to new hinges while you are refinishing your doors. TIP: Look for soft-closing hinges that prevent the sound and damage caused by slamming doors. You also need to remove the knobs.

Refinishing your Doors

To efficiently refinish your cabinet doors, you should set up a table where you can easily work on them. If you are painting your doors a completely new color, you will need to sand off all of the old paint. This is best done with a combination of a vibrating power sander and basic sponge sanders. Try to get most of the paint off of the door with the power sander. Then, use the sponge sander to get the sand out of the molded parts of the door. This won't be necessary if you have flat doors with squared edges.

Painting your Doors

To paint hardwood doors, you should use a spray gun. This will result in a smoother finish without any brushstrokes. However, this is often not practical for many homeowners who don't have access to a spray gun and compressor. You can get away with painting your doors with just a paint brush, but you need to be careful. Use minimal paint so you don't get brushstrokes or drips. Set your doors on small blocks of wood.

Paint one side and let it dry for a full day before turning the doors over the paint the other side. Finally, you can reattach your hinges and knobs (old or new) and rehang the doors. Just like that, your entire cabinet system will look newer and your doors will function better. For more information on contemporary furniture, contact a company like Modern Home 2 Go