Decorate Your Daughter's Room In A Unique Way By Painting A Glittery Design On Her Blinds

If you want to update the look of your daughter's room, but live in an apartment that prohibits you from painting, it can be difficult to know what to do. Painting the blinds that hang in your child's room can be a great way to give the room personality without causing any permanent damage to the space. The following guide walks you through a great way to give your daughter's blinds a glitzy new look.

Take Down the Blinds

The first thing you will need to do is take the blinds down from the windows. There are two small boxes on either side of the blinds at the top of the window frame. Slip the front panel off of each of the boxes and pull the blinds out toward you.

Tape off a Design

Next, you need to create a design, such as a heart on the blinds using painters tape. Cut out a design in a piece of newspaper and tape the edges to the edges of the blinds. Use the painters tape to also tape the design you cut out to the blinds. You want to create a tight seal on the blinds so that the design will be easy to see when you are done.

Paint the Blinds

Use spray paint to carefully paint the blinds wherever you cut out the design. The newspaper will protect the rest of the blinds so that the paint does not spread and so the design will be very distinguishable when you are done. Wait an hour or so before continuing to allow the paint to have time to dry.

Add Some Sparkle to the Blinds

Use glitter spray paint to spray over the design you painted. The glitter spray paint only sprays adhesive colored glitter onto the blinds and will not ruin the color you created.

Remove the Paper and Tape

Once the glitter dries, carefully pull the tape away from the blinds. You do not want to pull the paper as it could cause the blinds to bend and become damaged.

Hang the Blinds

Push the sides of the blinds back into the small boxes they were hanging from originally. Replace the front slats that keep the blinds from sliding out of the boxes as they are opened and closed.

When the blinds are closed, your daughter will have a glittery, beautiful design that will look like a piece of art hanging on her window. No damage will be done to the room and you can take the blinds with you when you move to allow your daughter to always enjoy the look you created for her.

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