Secrets To Making Your Small House Seem Bigger: Improve The Rooms On A Dime

Does your small house feel cramped and dark at times, and you're wondering how you can make the living space and bathrooms seem bigger? There are a few different things that you can do to open up the space, even if you don't have a lot of space to work with.  Here are a few tricks you can use throughout the space to get a more open and airy feeling home, even when the living space is tight.

Reflect Light with Mirrors

If you have a living room wall with no windows, put a large mirror on the wall opposite the windows. The light is going to come in and reflect off the mirror, making the room seem brighter and filling it with natural light. You also want to apply this setup in dark or narrow hallways or in other areas where the natural light is limited. There are many great framed or custom shaped mirrors that you can use so the house is bright and stylish.

White Ceilings

The brighter the ceilings in the house, the brighter the rooms are going to look. Paint all the ceilings a bright white to draw people's attention up and to make the house look lighter and clean. This is especially important in small spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms, where natural light can be limited. Also keep a light neutral color throughout the house on the walls. This is an easy and affordable way to make a big impact in your house.

Glass Shower Doors

If you have small bathroom, don't make it seem more cramped with a heavy shower curtain and other decorative accessories around the space. Instead, look into getting transparent glass shower doors so people can see the full depth of the space. Light colors on the bathroom walls and light tile are also ideal. If there are currently dark cabinets, sand and paint or stain them a lighter color. With a large mirror over the vanity to reflect light, the bathroom will seem much bigger than it is.

You don't have to add space to make the house and the rooms look bigger, you just have to do things that will trick the eyes. These are just a few of the tricks that are going to help improve your cramped and crowded home, and these different changes you can make aren't costly investments that would drain your pockets. To get started, contact a company like Glasshopper Schor Glass.