Transforming Your Garage? A Few Options For Staining The Floor

If you are going to be remodeling the garage to turn it into a recreation area, you may want to do something about the concrete floor. You could put down vinyl or ceramic tiles without having to do much to the floor, but that can get expensive. Putting in carpeting will not only be expensive, once you consider putting down padding, it will also be harder to keep clean than other options. If the goal is for the flooring to look great, without a large expense, consider staining the floor. Here are a few options for this.

Acid Staining

Acid stains contain metallic salts. These salts react with the lime in concrete to create a translucent, variegated tone similar to marble. They are organic, so the colors are limited to 8 very basic tones. However, these eight tones can vary in intensity depending on the concrete. If you cannot find the color tone you like in a local store, you can buy acid stain online too. The rougher the concrete, the better the acid stain will penetrate and color it. In addition, if you prefer a different hue than what is available, you can mix two or more tones. This is done by using one tone, allowing it to cure, and then going over the area with a second one, or mixing the two before you apply them. In addition, you can use a water-based stain on the area first and then use the acid-stain on top of it. One of the biggest benefits of going with an acid stain is that it will not crack or peel off the floor.

Water-based Staining

This type of concrete stain is an epoxy-acrylic stain. It is applied the same way you would apply a paint or wood stain. The pigment fills the pores of the concrete, forming a colored coating. It is available in almost any color you choose, or you can blend your own. Because there are no chemical reactions, you can be assured of the color and have a smooth, even finish. Unfortunately, this type of stain also lends itself to cracking and peeling.

Staining your concrete results in a beautiful finish that does not resemble a simple concrete floor. It is easy to care for and will last a long time. It is perfect for an area that will get a lot of traffic and quite possible spills; such as a recreation room.