Two Eco-Friendly Carpet Trends to Be Aware Of

Choosing carpet for a home is typically a long-term commitment. Thus, you need to make sure that you understand how you want your carpet to fit into your design scheme for your home. For those who have a strong environmental conscience, both material and color play a roll in creating a green home. 

Natural Options in Carpeting

Using eco-friendly options in a home is always a good idea. If you can find a carpet that features a natural fiber yet looks great in your home, you can satisfy your environment conscience and your design sense in one purchase. For friends of the environment, carpets made from sisal fiber are a popular choice these days. Sisal comes from a variety of the agave plant that naturally creates a strong fiber that can be used in textiles. Sisal carpet comes in muted, earthy tones, so you don't have to worry about the carpet dominating a room. On the other hand, as a natural fiber, it will have irregularities that can add to the character of a room. Wool is another popular choice if you are looking for a natural fiber, and recyclable nylon deserves a nod, but if you are looking for a carpet that will bring an earthy element to your home, sisal is the way to go. 

Color Trends

Flooring takes up a lot of space in a room, so it is a good idea to choose colors for your carpet that will act as a backdrop to other colors in a room instead of stealing the show. Two popular neutral colors are grey and green—both of which are earthy towns. If you feel like grey will be too bland or remind you too much of a rainy day, look for grey mixed with blue to give the grey a little more personality. If grey is not your thing, you might look for deep, earthy greens which work as a backdrop for brighter colors in your home just as well as they do in nature. 

There are dozens of carpets on the market o choose from these days. Having specific criteria in mind when you select carpet for your home will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Remember that your carpet needs to complement other design features used in your home, and, if you want your home to reflect your commitment to the environment, choose a carpet that is also environmentally friendly. 

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