4 Reasons To Choose Custom Frames Over Ready-Made Frames

When it comes to framing photos or a piece of artwork in your home, you have two options. One would be to have the piece custom framed while the other option would be to purchase a ready-made frame that will fit the photo or piece of artwork. Although custom framing tends to be more expensive, here are four reasons you should choose this option over the other: 

  1. Customized Frame Width: Many times, you won't find the frame width you want when searching through ready-made frames, especially if you want a very thin frame. This is because a thin frame doesn't tend to hold basic photo prints in place because the glass is too thick. If you want a thin frame, a professional will be able to customize the frame to the thinness you want while also creating a glass panel that will fit within the frame along with the piece of artwork or photograph you are placing behind it. 
  2. Saves You Time: Finding the perfect ready-made frame can be frustrating and you may find yourself searching through many stores and even online to find the perfect one. When you choose a custom frame option, you can save yourself a great deal of time and stress. This is because you only have to bring your photo or artwork into one customized frame professional and they will have the frame ready for you within a matter of days. You can even have it as soon as the next day in some cases. 
  3. More Finishing Options: Finding the right finish on a ready-made frame can also be frustrating. Luckily, this is something you will be customizing when you choose to have your photo or artwork custom framed. You can choose to have the glass glazed, for example, to give an extra shine or you can choose to have UV resistant glass so that you don't have to worry about the piece becoming damaged by the harsh rays of the sun. This is something you will have to add to your ready-made frame if you need it, which is much more expensive than having it done right when your frame is made for you. 
  4. Get Creative: When you customize your frame, you can get as creative as you want. For example, you can have the professional adjust the frame so that it sits at a triangular angle to display the photo or artwork within it. This allows you to customize the artwork exactly how you want to. 

When you know these four reasons to choose custom frames over ready-made frames, you can see why the additional cost is going to be worth it in the end. For more information, contact companies like Artistic Wholesale Supply.