Give Any Room In Your Home More Character By Adding Textured Wallpaper To The Ceiling

Many people only think of using wallpaper on the walls of their home, but it can actually be used on the ceilings, as well. Adding textured wallpaper to the ceiling in a room can give the space a lot of character and create a unique look many people have never seen before. Adding wallpaper to the ceiling in a room can be a bit tricky, so use the guide below to learn a few tips and tricks to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Clean the Ceiling

The first thing you need to do is clean the ceiling to make sure that the glue can adhere to the surface properly. Dust can stick to the ceiling and not be visible to the naked eye. Wet a sponge with warm water and lightly wipe ceiling to remove any dust that may be stuck to it.

Cut the Wallpaper

Next, you need to cut the wallpaper into manageable pieces. You want the pieces to be smaller than the pieces that you would use on the wall because you will have to hold them in place for a minute or two to ensure that they stick well, and being able to reach the entire span of each piece will make the process easier. Cut the wallpaper into strips that are roughly two to three feet long.

Add the Glue to the Ceiling

Use a roller to roll wallpaper glue directly onto the ceiling. Be sure to only saturate the area you are covering with the glue to ensure that the glue does not dry before you have wallpaper on it.

Press the Wallpaper and Hold It in Place

Press the wallpaper onto the glue and then smooth it out starting at the center of the paper and moving out to the edges. You want to be sure to continuously smooth the paper for roughly thirty seconds to make sure the glue evenly distributes. Then hold the paper in place for a minute to give it time to adhere. Gravity will pull the paper down, so holding it in place ensures it sticks properly.

Dry the Glue Quickly

You want to dry the glue as quickly as you can so that the paper does not fall. Set up small fans in the room shooting air up to the ceiling to dry the glue as quickly as possible.

Once the wallpaper has adhered to the ceiling, it should stay in place until you pull it down. If you notice any corners of the paper starting to pull away from the ceiling overtime, you can simply wet a cotton ball with the glue, rub it onto the back of the corner that has come loose and then push it back into place. Once the glue dries, the fix will be undetectable,