Options When Using Natural Stone In Your Garden

If you love the look of natural stone and you would like to incorporate it into your garden area, then you are likely searching out different design ideas. There are many ways you can use natural stone, and the ideas below will help you get started. There are some ideas that work with small scale projects, while others are better suited for homeowners who are up for a complete landscape overhaul.

Natural Fieldstone Around Garden Areas

If you are looking for a simple project that you can accomplish over a weekend, then a fieldstone border is perfect. You can use small fieldstone to outline the edge of your backyard garden bed. It's a simple way to landscape with stone and not have to spend too much time, energy, or money. If you do not want to drive around and collect fieldstone, then you can order the fieldstone from a home and garden center that supplies stone products.

Natural Precast Stone For A Retaining Wall

If you are considering a large garden renovation, then you might consider installing a retaining wall. These walls can serve both a decorative and a practical purpose. If you have a sloped backyard, you could hire a contractor to come in and excavate some soil and then set up a retaining wall. While stone or wood can be used to shore up a retaining wall, most experts will suggest going with stone. Stone is more resistant to the weather, and also will fare better being in contact with soil. The moisture that is in the soil can easily breakdown and degrade wood-based retaining walls, so using natural stone is a good alternative.

Precast Stone Pavers For A Walkway

Precast stone pavers are a great way to create a beautiful addition to your garden. They can be used in a lawn to create a walkway from the backdoor to a pool or garden area. You can select a design that you like from a home and garden supplier and then have the pavers installed in your yard. If you already have a garden path that is composed of cedar mulch, you can simply lay the pavers into the mulch bed.

The advantage of using precast stone pavers is that they will be uniform in length. This way, the path has a beautiful and even length. It also makes it easier when you are designing the path and determining how many pavers you will need to order.

Regardless of which natural stone product you decide to use, consider talking to a local expert about your project before you start so you can make an educated decision.