4 Modern Design Trends to Use in Your Dining Room

If you are looking to change up the feel and appearance of your dining room, you may want to try some modern trends in your dining room. Your dining room should be a fun place to gather and eat, and with the right set-up, it can be just that.

1. Add Unique Light Fixtures

The old dining room was all about the chandelier, whereas the new dining room is all about unique light fixtures. Instead of having just one overhead chandelier, use a series of two or three light fixtures over the table. This will add a modern appeal to your dining space and will allow for greater control over the light, especially if you can control each light individually and each light is dimmable.

Some examples of great lights for your dining room include low-hanging lamps or industrial-style light bulbs. Think about the type of light fixtures that hang down at your favorite restaurants and go from there.

2. Bench Seating

For years, the dining room has been all about fancy, individual chairs. If you want your dining room to feel more personable and open, consider switching to using benches at your table. You can use a traditional long wood bench, or if you want things to be a little more comfortable, you can use an upholstered bench. Benches can help make seating easy, as you can squeeze in as many people as you will comfortably fit on the bench. In addition, benches can make the space feel more inviting.

3. Add Storage

Your dining room doesn't have to be all about the dining room table and chairs. You can add storage space to your dining room in many different ways. For example, you can add a traditional china hutch, which you can use to store all the kitchenware, such as fancy wine glasses, or your fondue set, that you don't use regularly. In addition, a china hutch can be a great way to get more cabinet space when you don't have enough in your kitchen.

You could also add an end table with a drawer. You can use the top to display things, such as flowers or artwork. You can place essential items inside of the drawers. Make your dining room space functional by adding storage.

4. Add Big Art 

Finally, don't forget about the walls of your dining room. Add a large art piece that takes up a lot of space to one of the walls of the room. Chose a piece that has colors that you want to use to decorate the rest of the room. A big piece of artwork can help bring the room together and create a fun discussion point. So embrace current design trends in your dining room. Add a china cabinet or decorative end table with storage. Switch to bench seating for a more open and welcoming feel. Add unique and customizable light features, and put up a big piece of artwork to bring it together.

To learn more, contact dining room furniture stores.