Fun Gifts For An Avid Chess Player

If you have a family member or friend whose favorite pastime is playing chess, you may wish to think about what chess-themed gift to get them for an upcoming birthday or another occasion. You can be sure that this person has at least one chessboard and set of pieces, so there's no need to buy them another one. Instead, consider the many other chess-related products that you can find on the market for the person to display and use around their home. A store that sells a wide selection of gifts, especially if it has items that relate to classic games such as chess, may have the following products available.

Chess Piece Bookends

A gift that will surely get this person excited is a pair of chess piece bookends. Many people use plain bookends to support the books on their desk or shelf, but this particular gift offers a high degree of visual appeal for a chess enthusiast. Each of the two bookends is shaped like a large chess piece. You'll find all sorts of pieces available. If you know that the person has a fondness for a particular piece — a queen or rook, for example — you may wish to buy them a set of bookends that feature this piece. This person may have a collection of chess books that they can store between the bookends.

Chess Piece Wine Stopper

If the person enjoys drinking an occasional glass of wine — perhaps even doing so while playing games of chess — another good gift to consider is a chess piece wine stopper. Many wine enthusiasts enjoy themed stoppers. Those that relate to chess are typically made of wood and look exactly like a chess piece from a set. If you know that the person favors chess pieces that have more of a modern look, look for a wine stopper that features a stainless steel or marble chess piece.

Chess Blanket

Another fun chess-themed gift idea to consider is a chess blanket. There are many of these products on the market, each of which depicts a chess-related scene. Some blankets look like a giant chessboard, while others feature an image of each of the pieces in a chess set. If the chess enthusiast lives in a state where the winters are cold, they'll love to be able to place the blanket over their legs while they play their games. When not in use, they may drape it over a sofa in their home to let visitors know about their love of chess.