Plumbing Supplies Homeowners May Need to Buy

To keep their plumbing systems running smoothly and free of problems, there are many supplies that homeowners will need to buy or keep in their homes. In particular, there are several common plumbing supplies that can be useful for keeping your home's pipes and drains in good condition.

Drain Covers

Preventing large or otherwise unwanted materials from entering the drains is important for minimizing the risk of clogs forming. To this end, there are drain covers that can be installed that will be able to filter out larger items before they can enter the drain line and cause an obstruction to form. When buying drain covers, you will want to be sure that their grate or strainer is as fine as possible so that it can be as effective as possible at intercepting materials. These drain protectors will need to be cleaned more frequently, which means you should consider the ease of removal and cleaning when buying these plumbing supplies.

Plumbing Augers

When there is a clog in the plumbing, it is capable of causing substantial backups in the plumbing. In extreme cases, this may even result in toilets or sinks overflowing. Removing these clogs will have to be a priority for restoring the functionality of the plumbing system, but individuals should be mindful of the damage that clog dissolving chemicals can cause to the pipes and seals in the plumbing lines. A better alternative may be the use of a plumbing auger that will be capable of breaking up and even extracting the materials that were causing the obstruction. In addition to being a substantially safer option for your plumbing lines, these tools can also be very easy to use, and it may only take a few minutes for you to be able to effectively remove the clogs that are impacting your plumbing system.

Mineral Deposit Removers

Mineral deposits can be another issue that can impact your plumbing system. In particular, you may find the aerators on your faucets are especially vulnerable to problems as a result of mineral accumulations. As these accumulations grow, they can impact the ability of water to pass through the aerator, which may lead to low pressure and leaks around the edge of the aerator. To address this problem, your local plumbing supply retailer will likely sell mineral deposit removers. By soaking the aerators in these solutions for a few minutes, you can loosen these accumulations enough for them to be easily removed so the aerator can be cleared.