Why A Three-Sided Vehicle Awning Can Be Better Than A Four-Sided Awning

An awning that mounts to the roof of your vehicle and can open up once you stop will provide a source of shelter and shade for your family as you enjoy a diverse array of outdoor adventures. If you're planning to buy this accessory, you can expect to see many different models on the market. There are some awnings that provide overhead coverage on all four sides of the vehicle, and you might initially gravitate toward this design. It's worthwhile, however, to also consider a three-sided vehicle awning. As its name indicates, this is a product that covers three, rather than four, sides of your car, truck, or SUV. Here are some reasons why the three-sided design can be better.


When you have a three-sided vehicle awning that leaves one side of your vehicle exposed, you'll be able to park very close to any type of structure that you want. For example, if you're at a picnic or camping area and there's a wall or a hedge near where you want to park, you'll have no trouble positioning your vehicle so that the side that doesn't have an awning over it is just a few inches away from the wall or hedge. Being very close to any solid barrier can provide protection against the wind, privacy, and more. With a four-sided awning, you wouldn't be able to park nearly as close because of how the awning juts out.


When you compare the price of different vehicle awnings, you'll often find that those that provide coverage over all four sides of your vehicle cost a little more than those that cover three sides of your vehicle. While there are factors to consider beyond the cost of this accessory, a lot of people are budget conscious. If you want to buy a vehicle awning as affordably as possible — perhaps because you want to save money for the various adventures during which you'll use this accessory — a three-sided product can be ideal.

Space Usage

Four-sided vehicle awnings take up more space around your vehicle than their three-sided counterparts. You may occasionally find yourself wanting to deploy the awning in an area that isn't overly spacious, such as in a parking lot outside of a sports venue to enjoy some tailgating with friends. In some locations, there may simply not be enough room to open a four-sided awning — but just enough room to use a three-sided awning. Learn about three-sided awnings for your vehicle by searching online.

For more information on a 3-sided vehicle awning, contact a supplier near you.