Visual Traits Of A Modern Backyard Pond

If you're planning to hire a local company to design and build a pond in your backyard, one of the initial decisions you'll have to make is what overall look you want the pond to have. Some homeowners favor a pond that has a natural look that blends in with the yard, while others want a different type of design. A popular choice is a modern pond, which may be appealing to you if you love modern designs. In general, you'll want a modern pond to have several specific visual traits, including the following.

Straight Lines

When you look at a photo gallery of different modern ponds, one of the most common traits that you'll see is the presence of straight lines. Whereas a standard pond might have a natural-looking shape, modern ponds are almost always straight around their perimeter. Common shapes are squares and rectangles, but you might also enjoy a shape that adds more visual appeal, such as an "L" shape. Not only will you want the pond's shape to feature straight lines, but if you have any built-in elements around its perimeter, such as a wall on which you can sit, you'll likely want it to feature straight lines to ensure a modern look.

Shiny Materials

Another element that can help to give your new backyard pond a modern look is the presence of various shiny materials. There are all sorts of ways that your pool construction company can add shiny materials to your pond. For example, if you want a small waterfall at one end of the pond, it can have a stainless steel spout. Some people like to incorporate tiles into their modern ponds in various ways. If you wish to proceed with this idea, choosing metal accent tiles can give you the look that you want.


Although it's possible for a rustic, traditional pond to feature lights around its perimeter, it's common for a modern pond to have lights that are built into the pond structure itself. For example, you might want LED lights installed under the top lip of the pond, which will cast a stylish glow onto the water. To further the modern look, you might even want LED lights that can change color. It can be fun to switch the color of the glow on your pond at various times.

Talk to a local pond installation company about designing and installing a modern pond for you.