Importance Of Lumbar Support In Office Chairs: 3 Things You Should Know

When purchasing new office chairs for your employees, you may want to spend some time looking for the best chairs. A good office chair is one that is comfortable and mobile, and one that has good lumbar support. Supporting the back is vital if you want your employees to be productive and healthy. Here are three things to understand about lumbar support.

What Is It?

Lumbar support refers to the support and comfort of the lower back while sitting. This term can be used when talking about sitting in a car, an office chair, or anywhere else. Your back contains lumbosacral discs, and these discs receive the most pressure when you are sitting. Sitting without support to this area of your back can lead to pain and problems with the spine.

These discs are situated on the lower part of the back. To locate them, feel the part of your back that is right above your buttocks. When you feel this, you will notice this part of the back is curved inwards. The purpose of lumbar support is to fill this curve with support. Support to this curve:

  • Keeps your back aligned properly
  • Reduces the chance of developing poor posture
  • Helps the muscles relax instead of fighting to keep the back in place

What Should You Look For?

When choosing office chairs, it's important to realize that there is no chair that will be ideal for every employee you have. Every person is a different size and shape, and everyone has different needs.

As you look for chairs with good lumbar support, one of the best features to find is a chair that is adjustable. Ergonomic chairs are generally designed to provide good lumbar support, but finding one that is adjustable will help satisfy every employee's needs.

If you really want the best chairs, you could always order them from a store that measures each person's back. By doing this, each of your employees could get a chair customized perfectly for their bodies.

Are There Other Important Features To Look For?

While finding chairs with good lumbar support is highly important, you should also look for chairs with the following features:

  • Adjustable height – this feature allows people to accommodate their needs even further. Your employees will be able to raise or lower their chairs to find the ideal setting for their needs.
  • Wheels – to prevent employees from having to get up and down many times during the day, finding chairs that roll is also important for comfort.
  • Arm support – this is especially important for computer users. Arm support helps employees keep their arms in place, and this could reduce the chances of a person developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

When employees are comfortable at work, they are likely to be more productive. This may help improve the productivity at your workplace, and you may see fewer sick days from your workers. To reap the benefits of good chairs, find a business that sells office chairs and begin looking for the best ones.